Areas of expertise

Theater scenography must not only look great, but must also withstand being put up and taken down again several seasons in a row.
We have over 10 years’ experience with theater, having begun with the Wagner opera Ringen. Since then we have worked on over 100 theater performances, ranging from small deliveries to complete performances. This is carried out in close collaboration with the Royal Theatre.
We contribute a combination of both creative and technical solutions. Our thorough planning enables us to manage large performances smoothly, even under time pressures. And some tasks can only succeed through good and close cooperation with the theater's own employees.
On a smaller scale, we have delivered numerous painted backgrounds with structure and texture. Here we use our regular team of painters with trained craftsmen specialized in painting as patina, marbling and graining.

In 1996 we designed the set for Smilla's Sense of Snow, which was the first step towards what later became a core area for Spekta.

Since then we have been a supplier to a wide range of Danish and Scandinavian films, within all areas of set design, decorations, special effects, etc.

We have our own design studio where we can provide everything from full design to production drawings. We can turn your sketches into visualizations or production drawings, depending on your needs.
Combined with our CNC machine we have many possibilities when it comes to machined models, surfaces, parts, etc.

Our core staff of skilled and experienced workers enables us to provide our service when the customer needs it. They also ensure a high level of craftsmanship and competent advice.

Our customers say that we are reliable, especially when it comes to financial management and budgeting. This is very important to us, because we always focus on the common interests that benefit both customers and supplier.

TV drama
In the past couple of years we have had the pleasure of working with DR, TV2 and TV3, on some of the biggest TV initiatives.

We delivered the decoration for DR's drama Forbrydelsen, where we created the Ministry of Justice. For the TV series Livvagterne we built an industrial-looking department, where one of the main characters lived. And for the Swedish-Danish series Broen we made the police station.

Our customers in TV drama have taken great advantage of our location on the Filmstationen in Værløse. The TV series Lærkevej moved most of its production here, which allowed us to build a small suburban street with seven houses, and everything from pavement to lamp-posts. At the same time the team was less vulnerable to weather changes, because they had studios within close proximity on Filmstationen, which made it possible to quickly switch between indoor and outdoor shots.

TV shows
To create a high quality set design for a TV show requires a special atmosphere. To provide this we work in close cooperation with the light designer and stage technician. We combine this with good craftsmanship so the set can withstand the wear and tear of many people, through several seasons.
Engelbrecht Construction has made the decorations for TV shows like Scenen er din, Praxis and Gi mig 5. With shows like these we had to build spectacular light solutions, based on metal frames and CNC milled translucent plastic.

In the past couple of years we have had the pleasure of working on a series of high level museum exhibitions in Denmark.
A part of this positive development is our scenographic approach, which we use when the museums want to create eye-catching decorations.
The common element with these projects is that we often participate in the concept and development phases, so that we end up with solutions that are both creative and realizable.
Our solutions for museums have included the development of games that we have integrated in interactive installation with a scenographic environment.

Furniture and decor
As a natural progression, Spekta has in recent years undertaken a number of tasks refurbishing stores and showrooms. The starting point for these tasks has been a desire for a strong aesthetic experience, made of high quality craftsmanship.
We believe that the demand for such solutions will increase. Companies are becoming more inspired by the atmosphere and moods of the media, film and theater in their choices of interior design. We can help with implementing these visions and ideas into actual products.
In our carpentry department we use the latest technology and have a large 5-axis CNC milling machine that can handle sizes up to 4500 x 1600 x 350 mm.

Advertising / fairs / events
Every commercial is a new universe to be created from scratch, sometimes with a limited budget available. With hundreds of small and large commercials, Spekta has a lot of experience in the field, which has made us very good at utilizing resources to the maximum.
Our studio—even from simple text—can create spectacular sets. Our experience is that we can create an even better result if we participate in the creative process. So this is also an option for the creation of fairs, events and shops that want something special.