• Viking



    Design: Nationalmuseet
    Client: Nationalmuseet

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    Photographer: Nationalmuseet

  • Museum

    Narvik Krigsmuseum

    Design: Thøgersen & Stouby
    Kunde: Redia
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    Photographer: Narvik Krigsmuseum

  • M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark


    M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

    Design: Kossmann.dejong
    Client: Maritim Museums Byg

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  • De Hvide Busser


    De Hvide Busser

    Client: The National Museum of Denmark

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  • The Blue Planet


    The Blue Planet

    Design: Atelier Brückner
    Client: The Blue Planet

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    Photographer: Atelier Brückner

  • Better Place


    Better Place

    Design: Peter Grant
    & Francisco Sarria

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  • TV2 Pavillon

    TV show

    TV2 Pavillon

    Design: Engelbrecht &
    Francisco Sarria
    Client: TV2

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At Spekta we have our own design studio, where we can carry out solutions from first draft to finished design.                                                                      



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CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machine is part of the carpentry workshop, and handles materials in sizes up to 6000 x 1800 x 1200 mm.                                                                            


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At Spekta we have our own painting department, with trained craftsmen specialized in patina, marbling, graining and other special techniques.                                         

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The Carpentry department is made up by a variation of craftsmen, so that we can handle everything from large construction to high complexity work with focus on the small details.

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In the blacksmith, the staff is specialized in metal constructions and mechanical solutions.                    



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Areas of expertise