Spekta (formerly 'Engelbrecht Construction') is one of Scandinavia's largest companies making set design for films, television, theater, advertising, museums and furniture stores. We provide services ranging from design to manufacturing of carpentry, forging, painting, advanced theater technology and special effects.  Since 2016, we have the honour to be the main supplier of scenography to The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen

Where do we stand?

We are growing with our customers and we are always preoccupied with finding new solutions in cooperation with them. The backbone of the company is a core staff of highly skilled workers that have a long seniority with us. They are responsible, independent and used to working across the company's different disciplines, in a field where two jobs are never the same. Our volume and continuity of staff enable us to provide our service when the customer needs it, even at short notice.

Good craftsmanship and advice
Our permanent staff structure ensures that we have employees who know their craft, and can provide any necessary advice and sparring.

Managing the economy
When it comes to the economy of a project, advisory, management and communication often determine whether the cooperation will be successful or not. Therefore we always make an extra effort to ensure the best result.
We work with a daily updated web-based registration system, where we follow individual cases closely, producing cost reports and updated budgets.

Decent business principles
At Spekta we are working to break down the barriers that exist between customer and supplier. We believe that, although there may be different interests and needs, we are not each other's opponents. It pays to look for common interests, to be more value-enhancing together—for example, through good planning. It makes work more fun, and is ultimately the best business for all.

Where are we?

In 2006 Spekta moved into Flyvestation Værløse, a former airbase close to Copenhagen, where we helped to form the Filmstationen. The vision was to develop a creative environment for small and large companies within the film industry—a vision that is now well on its way to becoming reality.

The Filmstation an area of 25 hectares with two studios, each on 1,700 square meters—located just 25 minutes' drive from Copenhagen city center. Besides the huge studios, the Filmstationen has extensive possibilities for location filming, which can easily take place without problems with traffic, permits from authorities, etc.

A large number of commercials have already been filmed here, such as the TV series Lulu and Leon, and Lærkevej. The entire Lærkevej was built on the site, which would hardly have been possible elsewhere. Production planning was also facilitated by the fact that there were studio facilities within a distance of 100 meters, so you could easily switch between indoor and outdoor shots.

The old airbase has well-preserved nature with small lakes, woods, plains and wildlife.

Spekta has 2,800 square meters of space spread across various workshops, for carpenters, blacksmiths and painters. We also have access to studios and facilities with 16-meter ceiling height, which are suitable for recordings, sample collection of larger set designs and rehearsals for extras and actors.

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